FPT Industrial Debuts Innovative Mobility Solutions

At its dedicated stand in Hall 4 – Booth #424, FPT Industrial will highlight its range of forward-thinking solutions designed to meet environmental demands while satisfying the needs of transport companies and passengers alike.

In the ePowertrain segment, FPT Industrial has rapidly gained prominence, bolstered by the opening of its dedicated ePowertrain Plant in Turin, Italy, in October 2022. The brand is now a key player in zero-emission solutions for various bus applications, focusing on battery packs and Battery Management Systems (BMSs). Zinc Pressure Switch Sensor

FPT Industrial Debuts Innovative Mobility Solutions

Visitors to FPT Industrial’s stand at Busworld 2023 will have the chance to explore three highly anticipated powertrain products. First, the 37 kWh eBS37 EVO battery pack designed for minibusses boasts a high energy density of up to 140 Wh/kg, up to eight years’ warranty, and best-in-class safety features. This battery pack incorporates the eBM5, FPT Industrial’s inaugural BMS, featuring advanced algorithms for enhanced safety, accuracy, and performance. The second product is the 69 kWh eBS69 battery pack, specially tailored for buses, with an outstanding energy density of up to 178 Wh/kg, up to ten years warranty, and optimized for bus applications.

The eBS37 battery model is central to a groundbreaking partnership between FPT Industrial and Reefilla, an innovative Turin-based startup. This collaboration aims to give new life to batteries from commercial electric vehicles and minibuses. Batteries that are no longer suitable for electric traction will be repurposed by Reefilla, with over 50% of their internal components being reused in Reefilla’s Fillee mobile power banks, offering efficient recharging solutions for electric vehicles.

FPT Industrial is a renowned full-service manufacturer in the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) bus sector, providing diesel and natural gas engines ranging from 3 to 8.7 liters, suitable for minibus, city/intercity bus, and coach applications. Through IVECO BUS, FPT Industrial leads the intercity segment.

At Busworld 2023, FPT Industrial will unveil its N67 NG engine, offering superior performance with up to 285 HP and 1250 Nm, reduced fuel consumption, lower engine noise compared to diesel engines thanks to multipoint stoichiometric combustion, and emissions reductions of up to 15% (WHTC) compared to equivalent diesel engines. Designed for city and intercity buses, the Euro VI Step E-compliant N67 NG engine is a sustainable, ready-to-use solution.

FPT Industrial will offer a dedicated Customer Service corner to provide comprehensive support to its customers in the bus sector, simplifying access to its range of services.

FPT Industrial’s presence at Busworld 2023 underscores its commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the mass transport industry.

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FPT Industrial Debuts Innovative Mobility Solutions

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